Find Big Data and Bigger Opportunities Cloudera Careers

Find Big Data and Bigger Opportunities Cloudera

The team at Cloudera is united by one big—and unique—mission: Ask bigger questions. That boldness and drive has paid off. Not only was Cloudera the first company to deliver Hadoop-based software solutions, but it’s continued to set industry standards, racking up honors like the 2014 TechAmerica and the Best In Biz Company of the Year awards.

“Cloudera is a young, creative team that’s constantly developing new technologies and staying at the cutting edge of industry,” says Jay Wedge, corporate counsel.

And you know that when a company is doing such cool things, it’s got to have an equally cool working environment. (After all, happy employees produce great work!) Team members enjoy a host of health-focused events, from wellness fairs and yoga classes to intramural volleyball, flag football, softball, soccer, and basketball.

During the summer months, employees mingle at happy hour get-togethers and intern meet-ups. And finally, there’s “Cloudera Cares,” an employee-run volunteer program that gives Cloudera’s staff the chance to help at soup kitchens, school clean-ups, and more.

In addition to all of the ways the team members have to get to know each other and the community, they also report loving all the professional development opportunities they get.

Cassady Churchill, a social media and talent brand analyst, says, “Cloudera is really a place that has room for people to grow. It’s not about what you can bring to Cloudera on your first day, it’s what you’ll learn and contribute that’s important to us.”

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